Maureen Dowd, matchmaker? That’s right, states publisher Helena Andrews. She produces in
Marie Claire
this thirty days whenever she had been a reporter at a few years ago, Dowd arranged her with Mr. adore. That would be Reggie adore, often referred to as
Barack Obama
‘s individual aide. The cause of the setup, Ms. Andrews claims, was based mostly on race–both she and Mr. prefer tend to be African-American.

The big date did not go very well, she says. “It actually was obvious that Reggie and that I had merely a few things in accordance,” says Andrews. “we are black, and we both have actually bachelor’s degrees.”

Its a dating issue that Andrews, 29 yrs old, states has actually dogged their for many years. “Never care about the difficult algorithms of eHarmony, my personal matchmakers utilized quick math: Black professional + black colored expert = Huxtables,” she states. “Despite all my personal a lot more awesome attributes, the crucial thing they saw was actually my skin.”

Also the woman mommy drops to the pitfall, Andrews states: “lately, my mom met a black guy at Ikea, provided him my card–and next yelled at me personally when I boosted the evident psycho-killer issues. She mentioned he was nice, a lawyer.”

Andrews claims Dowd’s center was at the right place, as had been the woman mother’s, needless to say. In the event both of them happened to be “playing in to the type stereotypes I was trying to dodge,” Andrews claims. After all, she adds, the more “weird configurations” she endures, the closer she reaches locating the real Mr. enjoy.

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