Rafael on Chris

What had been you hoping for?

A great evening, in addition to possible opportunity to familiarize yourself with some body interesting.

1st impressions?

The guy seemed really anxious. I imagined he was having a bit of an anxious dysfunction, so I attempted to put him a bit more relaxed by making a number of laughs, which seemed to work.

Just what do you talk about?

The backgrounds, jobs, online dating experiences, music. Being two chat with black gay guys over 35, we’re both massive Madonna followers and had an intensive dissection of her new unmarried.

Any uncomfortable minutes?

There seemed to be one point when he asked me my sort and I also mentioned I got a big thing for Spanish men. I really hope the guy failed to get that as an indication I found myselfn’t curious.

Good table ways?


Ideal thing about Chris?

He had been truly inquisitive, has actually a good sense of humour and a spot-on taste in songs.

Can you present him towards buddies?


Describe Chris in three words

Fun. Easygoing. Pretty ears. (OK, which is above three.)

Exactly what do you might think the guy made from you?

The guy sent me an enjoyable book after ward claiming he had been enthusiastic about meeting once more, thus I think he liked the knowledge.

Did you carry on someplace?

No, by the point we completed meal it absolutely was almost midnight.

And… did you kiss?

We never kiss and tell. Well, seldom.

Any time you could alter the one thing in regards to the evening, what can it be?

Nothing! Four hours flew by.

Scars out of 10?


Would you satisfy again?

I’m not sure there was clearly an intimate spark, but i’d end up being keen to generally meet once again.

Chris on Rafael

Exactly what had been you longing for?

To not ever look like Roald Dahl’s BFG in the photo.

Initial impressions?

Well-dressed, friendly, relaxed, my personal age (bonus).

Just what do you speak about?

Our very own common passion for Arcade Fire (no-one we date understands them and now we mentioned one tune of theirs in a few information), the perils of matchmaking applications, the beautiful waitress. We wouldn’t point the lady, that we have always been experiencing some guilt about).

Any embarrassing times?

Me arriving as a reddish, hot, sweaty mess and achieving some obvious upper body sweat. While I spilt red wine to my white very top… fab!

Good dining table manners?


Smartest thing about Rafael?

They are really smart and funny – we had a lot in accordance.

Can you introduce him your pals?


Describe Rafael in three words?

Intelligent, fantastic business.

Exactly what do you think he made from you?

Northern, a waffler, a great make fun of (i really hope?).

Did you embark on someplace?

No, we were nevertheless gabbing at half eleven plus it ended up being a school evening.

And… do you kiss?

No. Two manly, beautiful hugs.

Should you could transform a factor towards night, what might it is?

That people had ordered much more cocktails.

Scars off 10?


Could you meet once more?

Indeed, as pals.

Rafael and Chris consumed at
inside Dixon Resort, London SE1.

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